As a newly minted podcaster Doug Salamone aims to bring interesting stories and interviews with points of view from a different mindset. The world needs innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial disruption to develop and evolve.


“Ideas are currency and problems are just seeds to new ideas”



A show about human ingenuity and the drive to disrupt conventional thinking in business, design, and life.

The world is changing fast. New ideas and technologies are springing up everyday. This show is about the people who are finding ways to defy tradition, disrupt conventional thinking and improve humanity all while experiencing growth and profitability. Each week I will interview individuals who have tackled problems with this new mindset. A mindset that pushes to dig deeper into problems and solve them at the core utilizing disruptive technology and thinking processes. I will focus interviews around the following key types: innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and artists. I’m especially interested in interviewing people with a mindset of what can be, instead of a mindset of what they wish could be.

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