Death By Robots

AI predictions, robots, facial recognition, sex robots

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Elon Musk’s doomsday AI predictions are ‘pretty irresponsible’

Will robots make us their PETS? Apple founder Steve Wozniak has no doubt

Should we fear artificial intelligence? Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warns of potential dangers

Disney’s next movie could be watching you, too

First peek inside Chinese sex robot factory making ‘human-like’ dolls set to ‘GO GLOBAL’

Jonestown Massacre

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Your Food Wants to Kill You

Avocado Hand is sending people to the ER, Eating from a Square Bowl will make you feel fuller, Saturated fat shock, Higher sodium, lower blood pressure, Just one Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day can triple the risk of a deadly stroke and dementia.


‘Avocado hand’ is sending people to the ER because people don’t know how to cut their fruit

REVEALED: Why eating cereal from a SQUARE bowl will make you feel fuller

Saturated fat SHOCK: Cardiologists claim warnings it clogs arteries are ‘plain WRONG’

Higher sodium, lower blood pressure. You read that right.

COCA KILLER Just ONE Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day can ‘TRIPLE the risk of a deadly stroke’ and dementia, researchers claim

We Must Leave Earth

Stephen Hawking says we must leave Earth, Tax space travel by the mile, $10k one way ticket, Win fake fight against pretend bad guy.


Tomorrow’s World returns to BBC with startling warning from Stephen Hawking – we must leave Earth

California plans to tax space travel by the mile

Ticket to ride Japanese luxury sleeper train a mere $10,000 one way

Japanese theme park offers ‘fight with bad guy service’ so guests can impress their dates

Sleep Is The New Status Symbol

Sleep is the new status symbol, America’s insomnia problem is even worse than before the Great Recession, Most Millennials finding it hard to transition into adulthood.


Sleep Is the New Status Symbol

America’s insomnia problem is even worse than before the Great Recession

Most Millennials Are Finding It Hard to Transition Into Adulthood: Report