Speak Up and Talk Like Me!

As we journey through life we yearn to communicate with others. For communication is the basis to understanding, collaboration, and sharing of ideas. But what we do instead of learning how to converse, chat, laugh and share, we instead learn more of everything else. Well, now you can learn that second language and converse like a native. In today’s podcast we will meet the man who’s on a mission to change how we learn those new languages.
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Can Music Make You More Productive?

Once they were used for survival and guidance, a tool to keep us alive. Today we use them for communication and fun. But there is another use for these evolutionary gifts, we can use them to focus. Welcome to a land of high learning and productivity; next stop, the alpha state. A hyper-focused flow state where our ears are the conductors of a finely tuned productivity machine.
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Go To College For Free!

In a world of never ending increases of the costs of college comes ray of hope. Where there’s grit comes your answers. With what one wants, one shall have, but there is a catch. Listen to this interview with Steven C. Roberts, a former college student who not only graduated debt free, but left college in the black!
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Organize Mindfully

So you want to be a super hero and save the world…Great!
Step 1. Organize your mind
Step 2. Organize your life; and then…
Step 3. Save the world
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Think you’re diversified, well think again!

In a world of investment roller coaster rides comes an alternative investment strategy. A world of magic and wizardry. A world unlike any other. Welcome to the world of Self Directed IRAs.
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