Is It The End of Jobs?

The rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth: money, meaning and freedom. Those that don’t adapt are becoming trapped in the downward spiral of a dying middle class – working harder and earning less. Entrepreneurs that understand the new paradigm, have created unprecedented wealth in their lives and the lives of those they love.
In this episode we speak with Taylor Pearson. Taylor is an entrepreneur and author of the #1 bestseller The End of Jobs. rated The End of Jobs one of the top three Start Your Own Business Books of 2015. WSJ Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur James Altucher said of it:
“Entrepreneurship is not a choice you can make at your leisure. You have to jump on the train or lose your chance. Now is the time and Taylor’s book describes exactly how to do it.”

Guest: Taylor Pearson – Author of the book: The End of Jobs.

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The End of Jobs has been called one of the best entrepreneur books of 2015 and one of the top three how to start an online business books by

Here’s what you’ll discover 

— Why the century-long growth in wages came to a halt in 2000.
— Why MBAs and JDs can’t get jobs and what that means for the future of work and your job.
— Why The Theory of Constraints and a shift into the Fourth Economy has made entrepreneurship the highest-leveraged career path for the young and ambitious.
— Why The Turkey Problem means accounting may be the riskiest profession in the 21st century while entrepreneurship may be the safest.
— How entrepreneurs with second-rate degrees are leveraging the radical democracy of the Long Tail to get rich.
— How the Stair Step Method and return of apprenticeships have transformed the “entrepreneurial leap” to make entrepreneurship at large, and small business entrepreneurship in particular, more accessible than ever.
— The scientific research on how giving up balanced living and embracing integrated living leads to more money, more meaning, and more freedom.
— Why a 20th century world view to career search questions like “What career is right for me?” and “How do I find a career?” could be the source of your frustration (and a better way to think about it)


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