10 Reasons to be KIND – BSC Fireside with Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND Snacks

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Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and CEO of KIND

What do you get when you cross a successful entrepreneur with a true social mission? You get KIND. You get Daniel Lubetsky the Founder and CEO of KIND Snacks. He just released his book, “Do the KIND Thing.” I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Lubetzky at the Be Social Change Fireside, hosted by Marcos Salazar in NYC on April 28, 2015.

I can’t help but have nothing but positive thoughts when I meet someone like him. I become energized and fueled to save the world. I’m convinced that we are on the edge of greatness when it comes to amplified evolutionary change with true compassion and kindness as its leader.

Read – Do the KIND Thing and be blown away by Daniel’s journey, his struggles, and his triumphs. His book is broken out into 10 key chapters which illustrate key pivotal moments in his life. They tap into life lessons learned along his journey through life. They even touch on very precise moments which have impacted and guided him through life up to today. He shares how those key lessons and moments have shaped who he is today and the true nature of KIND Snacks as an organization. Here is a glance at the 10 key chapters with each one being as important as the others.book

  1. Thinking with AND
  2. Purpose
  3. Grit
  4. Truth and Discipline
  5. Keeping It Simple
  6. Originality
  7. Transparency and Authenticity
  8. Empathy
  9. Trust
  10. Ownership and Resourcefulness

The book is not just a story about the evolution of KIND Snacks. It’s a manifesto about being kind and making kindness a daily practice in our lives and in the lives of others. Daniel Lubeztky is on a mission to push us to be KINDNESS WARRIORS and to impact the world one act of Kindness at a time.

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Marcos Salazar, Daniel Lubetzky

During the Firedside chat Daniel talks about some key points when growing a company. He strongly emphasizes separating the phases of entrepreneurship, being thorough, and stresses, “that nothing has no competition”, and to question everything. A product needs to be differentiated. Many will try to convince you to do what currently works or what’s easier. Not Daniel Lubetzky. For him, it’s dig deep and stick to the purpose. If yes you are convinced, become an evangelist. He says passion is important, but don’t be stupid and run a race with no finishing line. He said you’ll make one mistake, and there are 20 more waiting in line. He emphasized how it’s necessary to be comfortable learning from yourself, because you are your best teacher. He hits on many key points during his talk including: Surround yourself with critical people. Constructive criticism is critical for true success. Take time to talk to yourself and be with yourself. Stop, walk, whistle and enjoy. Be in touch with yourself. Connect and think about what’s important and discover what drives you and gives you purpose. Have this conversation with yourself.

When Daniel Lubetzky was starting out he was a one person operation. He worked all day, made little money, but with grit and purpose he was having fun. So who cares. He would walk into stores up and down the west side of Broadway one day and then do it again the next day on the east side. He said, “Don’t over complicate things. Keep it simple.” That to me sounds like a simple, yet effective tactic and concur with the – Keep It Simple Stupid, aka, KISS philosophy. He said, “So much about life is luck and successful entrepreneurs get lucky.” He also talked about how entrepreneurs are creative and at times think they are invincible. That they can shoot in many directions, focusing on too many ideas and that they need someone to bring them back to earth and keep them on track. Have the self confidence to replace your position with someone better than you. Do not see yourself competing with them, but rather complementing each other. If a person isn’t driven to be better and stays mediocre then the organization will stay mediocre. Daniel Lubetzky surrounds himself with people more experienced and different to expand his empire of Kindness.

As the company continues entering the market with new products and categories they stay firmly planted with their brand promise. “KIND is not a me too product” said Daniel. “The customers earned our trust and we will not deviate from our core values or brand promise.” KIND has grown a lot in 11 years, but is still a small company. Their social aspirations are still a challenge and social movement is very important. KIND is working on those everyday and they are getting there. Expect to see big social movements from KIND in the future.

Spread kindness and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The more you suffer to help others the better you feel and the more appreciative the person is.


Daniel Lubetzky, Douglas Salamone

Daniel Lubetzky aims to build bridges between human beings. He believes one should live life with integrity by doing everything possible you can. Doing more by doing right by society, is success. And KIND is more than a product. It’s a movement.

To learn more about Daniel and his mission to making KIND and kindness a daily ritual in our lives read, Do the KIND Thing by Daniel Lubetzky.