Want To Write A Best Selling Book? w/ Tucker Max

So you want to write a book. You want to be an author. So what’s stopping you? Is it time? Or maybe you’re just stuck on how to begin. The process is arduous and draining and to do it well takes know how and skill. It’s a monumental commitment which only the strong can endure. But now there’s a new way to author your book. A new way to make your mark. So, put down your pen, smash your typewriter on the ground, close down your writing app. Stop doing whatever it is you are doing and listen to this episode with my guest Tucker Max. He’s a three times New York Times best selling author with over 3 million copies sold. He also founded and sold Tropaion Publishing. Now with his newest venture, ‘Book In A Box‘ he has set out to disrupt the book writing industry by creating a process to easily take your expertise and put it into a book. And not just any old book, but a beautifully finished product with all the accouterments.

Guest: Tucker Max

Tucker Max Book In A Box


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