Why Karate is so 1980’s

Did you ever study the exotic and ancient teachings of the Japanese? You know, Karate! It’s kind of fun to say….Karate….KARATE!!!! Karate Chop!!! Hiiiiiii Yaaaaaaa!!!!!

Okay, okay calm down everyone because we ain’t Kung-Fu fighting and this ain’t a casting call for the remake of the Karate Kid. All I really wanted to know (well not now, but back when I was a kid) was which fighting style, method, technique was superior. Which one truly had dominance over the others. Well guess what, it ain’t Karate… or Kung-Fu, or Tae-Kwon-Do, or Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu, or Boxing, or Wrestling, or any other style. The superior dominating fighting style is rather a combination of all of these styles and used with elements of surprise and calculated attacks which are only possible with many grueling hours of training there by rendering a fighting flow state which removes one’s thoughts, but instead fires up the lizard brain into fight or flight mode.

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